Sun. June 12 - Sat. June 18, 2011

American Banjo Camp


Quotes and Reviews

Comments from students

"I'm still on a musical cloud, I just came back from playing with the trio I'm in, and there were a lot of little things that just came more easily and were more fun, so amidst all of the euphoria, I actually learned something as well. Not surprising, since all of the faculty I worked with, and the others that I heard in concerts and bands were superb. The experience was outstanding. Instructors were universally kind, amazingly skilled musicians, and had gone back to the sources of their traditions, adding a great deal my understanding and appreciation of the music.

It seemed to me that instructors had a good sense of tunes that were teachable and interesting, and showed the bones of the genre. These guys have been playing and thinking about this music for a long time, and they are all very good at articulating their stuff, sometimes through language, but mostly through breaking down their playing into detailed, manageable chunks for students."

--Susan Reid, Montpelier, VT

Overall Assessment of NHMC:

"Best fiddle camp EVER!" --Marianne Younkheere, Middleburgh, NY

"Terrific, exceeded expectation, over the top!" --Linda Abrams, Waltham, Mass.

"Yahoo, I learned so much!" --Kathryn Buck, Lyndonville, VT

"Really enjoyable with a great staff and lots of learning ." --Annika Amstutz, Upper Jay, NY

"Wonderful - very strong first year - great community of players and students." --Daryl Burnett, Concord, NH

"Reserve us a spot for next year" --Chuck and Noreen Morgan, Wilimantic, CT

"This has been fantastic." --Sally Calamaio, East Burke, VT

"Intense and overwhelming at times, but friendly and nurturing." --Paul Lizotte, Nashua, NH

"Well organized with a great variety of music." --Bob Phillips, Maynard, MA

"Wonderful" --Noreen Morgan, Wilimantic, CT

"Extremely favorable. We would definitely do it again." --Sally Altman, Bristol, VT

"Great!!! Very challenging, a lot to digest, amazing experience, fabulous artists and teachers." --Marnie Long, Burlington, VT

What did you Like Best About NHMC?

"Diversity, could try different styles to see what I lived best, excellent instructors, great tunes" --Susan Bahr, Underhill, VT

"The consummate skills of all staff" --Wayne Shannon, Alvechurch, Worcestershire, UK

"Instructors, all were unique with much to offer." --Darin Maloney, Monkton, VT

"Mixture of classes - not all fiddle - variety, Lots of good choice. Loved the concerts. Food and location great, too." --Sarah Hotchkiss, Montpelier, VT

"Amazing talent and versatility." --Sandra Brock, Hopkinton, NH

"The variety of music, also, great faculty; I loved the camp and learned a lot. I had a great time and want to come back again." --Annika Amstutz Upper Jay, NY

"Being close to great performers." --Daryl Burnett, Concord, NH

"Highest quality of instructors and performers" --John Gaughan, Lower Gwynnedd, PA

"Quality and patience of instructors, welcoming directors" --Paul Lizotte, Nashua, NH

"The very talented teaching staff, the jam-packed schedule and the food." --Sally Altman, Bristol, VT

"Everything" --Noreen Morgan, Wilimantic, CT

"The diverse experience of different types of fiddle, listening to some professional doing their thing and also giving commentary and background." --Marnie Long, Burlington VT

General Comments:

"I had a great time, and would encourage anyone to come; I would come again" --Wayne Shannon, Alvechurch, Worcestershire, UK

"As Mae West said, 'Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.'" --Karen Jackson, Montpelier, VT

"Great start. We deserve this to happen here in Vermont!" --Pete Sutherland; Monkton VT

"An extremely well run event with no glitches of note. As a person who does this herself, I know how many things can go wrong. You did such a fine job that it was a superb event from the get go. I got all I wanted and more." --Sarah Hotchkiss, Montpelier, VT

"Being Exposed to such variety was terrific. Everyone was so enthusiastic and willing to help." --Sandra, Hopkinton, NH

"It was a great opportunity for my son, and now my husband is interested as well" --Dan Brouard's mom

"I'll certainly spread the word about NHMC. It was really fun." --Janet Oliver, Melrose, MA

"This was a monumental taks and it was managed with attention to detail and thoughtfulness. Please continue!" --Paul Lizotte, Nashua NH

"We sincerely hope you have the camp again. We'd do it all over again and would be most willing to spread the word. Al the teachers I had were as helpful as they could be." --Sally Altman, Bristol, VT

"I hope you will do this camp again - I would certainly come." --Tom Warnock, W. Glover, VT

Comment from parents of a young student

"I thought I would drop you a note to tell you how very much my son, Matthew Christian enjoyed NEHMC earlier this summer. He came home totally intoxicated with all the music that he heard and participated in during his week at the camp. He is totally re-enthused about aspects of his musical pursuits that had been put on the back burner for a few months with all he has going on. It is great to see him so excited and I thank you for making the camp available. -- Sue Andrews, North Bennington, VT